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Join us for a half-day Working at Height Safety Event! All attendees take part in educational sessions lead by 3M industry experts, at no cost. These sessions will be covering Leading Edge hazards and standards, 3M’s Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Awareness Training, and new 3M Fall Protection technologies.

What is Leading Edge?

Understanding the hazards and knowing the standards

  • Understanding ANSI 359.14 (the leading-edge standard)
  • What constitutes a leading edge?
  • What constitutes a sharp edge?
  • How much fall clearance do I need?
  • Proper tie-off below D-ring height (including foot-level tie-off
  • How does swing fall affect leading edge tie-off?
  • How do I tell if a product is leading edge compatible?
  • A regulatory perspective from CalOSHA
  • Documentation for CEU’s will be provided.

3M Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Awareness Training

This class will answer technical questions concerning who the Qualified Person is on temporary, pre-engineered horizontal lifelines. OSHA clearly states that it is the employer’s responsibility to determine who the Qualified Person is based on their knowledge, training and experience. This course will train attendees on 3M’s temporary horizontal lifelines as per OSHA 29 CFR 1926.32(m). Documentation for CEU’s will be provided. New 3M Fall Protection Technologies: Lunch provided during this session Learn about new digital fall protection equipment, including the DBI-SALA® Smart Lock Connected SRL, Confined Space Product Selection and Placement app, and virtual reality training systems.

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October 23, 2019