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Roto-Loc™ (Limited Qty Available) Leading Edge Series

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Roto-Loc™ (Limited Qty Available) Leading Edge Series
Tying off overhead is always the best decision you can possibly make when it comes to fall arrest. Sometimes that isn’t possible, and in those circumstances you may have to select an anchorage with a lower elevation or even tie-off at the foot-level. The Roto-Loc SRL-LE is designed for those circumstances. It features a unique mechanically activated rotary locking mechanism that ensures a rapid and secure locking engagement, no matter what. It also features an internal rotary brake, which is more efficient than textile energy absorbers commonly used on devices of this type. The 48” reserve line ensures that the device has plenty of reserve energy capacity. These features work together to not only make the device safer and more reliable, but also provide the best performance possible and only require 12 feet of clearance for a perpendicular approach (Lateral offsets will increase fall distance) in leading-edge falls! We also use a mil-spec wire rope of higher strength to ensure greater factors of safety. Tying off at the feet while exposed to a leading or unprotected edge should only be done as a last resort. However, if that’s the hand you’ve been dealt then Roto-Loc is like having an ace up your sleeve!